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Seed Ball Creation

Seed Ball Creation- A Report

March 1, 2023, a day sealed to eradicate the conservative norm of discriminating one from another on the basis of gender and disability, set its firm foot on the portals of Amrita Vidyalayam with the germane objective of enabling Zero Discrimination Day gain the desired effect.

In order to highlight the importance of the significant day and to spread the apposite message of conserving the nature ‘The Seed Ball Creation’ activity was designed as a vital part of the C20 project. The venture was a fervid attempt to pay a heartfelt tribute to mother nature for its unobstructed facilities to mankind. The activity also attempted to make the young generation feel concerned and compassionate towards the environment. Prioritizing the need of spreading the message across and following the concept of an all-inclusive approach, the students with special abilities or differently abled learners from Asha School Delhi Cantt. New Delhi and Akshaya Pratishthan School, New Delhi were invited as special guests to grace the occasion. The occasion was also embellished by the benign presence of Lt. Col. J. Vijaya, Office In-charge and Ms. Bhargavi Ajit, Principal from Asha School. The other noteworthy dignitary to grace the occasion was Ms. Urmila, Special Educator from Akshaya Pratishthan.

The day began with the felicitous welcome to the dignitaries and the specially gifted students followed by a short cultural recreation. Thereafter, the passionate Amritians joined hands with the students of the invited schools to meticulously perform the seed ball activity. All the participants enthusiastically projected their zeal while performing the activity. The principal of the school, in her felicitous address to the assemblage, introduced the audience to the appurtenant objectives of C20. She also mentioned that it was a proud moment for the institution to have the differently gifted students as special guests and immensely delightful to see the young learners exhibit such a compassionate approach towards mother nature.

The eventful session turned out to be a great opportunity for the learners to mingle together and ardently join hands for a noble cause.

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