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It is our earnest effort to make the learning scenarios innovative, interactive and participative. At Amrita, students go beyond the four walls of the classrooms, witness the theoretical concepts turning into experiments, expand their horizon of knowledge and blossom into the responsible citizens of tomorrow. 

We at Amrita Vidyalayam are very aware of our role in 'Personality Building' and provide world class facilities to our students.


There is a well-equipped clinic and trained nurse available for tending to the students who suffer from ailments and injuries. The clinic has all the facilities that are required to counter an emergency. In addition to that, the nurse conducts classes for the students to make them familiar with the right methods of administering medical assistance and first aid. 


The colossal auditorium, situated on the top floor has been the venue for many a glorious occasions held in the sacred premises of Amrita Vidyalayam. It boasts of a seating capacity for more than five hundred spectators and has the advance and hi-tech equipment to facilitate the smooth functioning of any programme of any stature.


To facilitate smooth transport, the school has a fleet of 20 buses (also known as Amritavahini). All buses are GPS enabled and the drivers and conductors are experienced and trained. The school verifies the eligibility and background of the transport staff members before hiring them. To make it convenient to parents, all route in-charges carry a phone which can be reached at any given point of time by any parent whose ward is traveling by that bus. 


Libraries represent man's most successful attempt in democratizing knowledge. The library, at Amrita, is the epicenter of scholarly debates, literary criticism, and discussions. It boasts of a rich collection of books, journals, periodicals, magazines and theses from different parts of the world. The library also organizes activities that promote the endangered habit of reading. 



In the age of eroding values and fading ethics, this institution instills the ancient and sacred value system into its learners. To offer an environment worthy of meditation and exchange of spiritual ideas, the school has created a unique precinct called ‘Gurukul’, within its premises. It’s a pasture under the azure sky. Teachers take their students to this area where they ensconce under a great Neem tree and listen to the valuable anecdotes from the biographies of the great saints and glorified souls. This is the place where the students meditate, introspect and realize that enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention. 

Amritta Gurukul.jpeg


Schools across the world are increasingly integrating technology with classroom teaching which is beneficial for both students and teachers. Keeping this in view, at Amrita each classroom has been equipped with an interactive smart board. These boards, in harmony with efficient teachers create more interest and motivation among students. This is a way of not just improving the lectures but also of providing instrumental materials which cater to all learning styles. 

Smart Board.jpeg


Surely, academics is a yardstick of a student’s ability at the school level. It is presently the most important one and will probably continue to be so in the foreseeable future. However, we understand that education should focus on all-round development to make an individual relevant to the society in whichever way he or she is talented. Keeping this in mind, the school offers an exclusive arena meant only for conducting activities of myriad kinds. This zone has spacious rooms earmarked for activities such as dance (both classical and contemporary), fine arts (clay modelling, wood carving, wax and fibre casting, sculpture making etc.), music (both vocal and instrumental), yoga, theatre to name just few. The association on the part of all the teachers is high and commendable. There is an adept faculty dedicated to hone different skills of the scholars. The students have been making us proud by winning laurels in different contests held in the school, zonal, district and national levels. 

Activity Room.jpeg


Computer Keyboard


The school has two separate computer labs for senior and junior wings. Both labs are equipped with hi-tech computers of Intel Core series and have around 100 systems apart from the central servers. 


• Many systems have Broadband internet facility which can be easily extended as and when required. 


  • The labs are continuously upgraded for students to learn latest software skills. 


• The junior lab has additional audio-visual devices for computer aided learning. 


• Teachers can connect their desktops into the campus-wide LAN. Each node is connected to the centralized networking facility. Effective firewall ensures computer security and anti-virus software is there in every desktop.

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