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Civil 20’s Urge for Gender Equality

Updated: May 18

In the series of events for Gender equality, the Amrita Vidyalayam school in New Delhi, witnessed an important event yesterday that was graced by the benign presence of Sh. Himanshu Gupta (Director of Education), Dr. A K Tyagi (Deputy Director of Education Dist. South), Ms. Anju Chawla (Deputy Director of Education Zone 23), Br Mokshamrita Chaitanya (National Coordinator of AYUDH India) and Br Harshamrita Chaitanya (State Coordinator of AYUDH Delhi), and Bri. Chinmayamrita Chaitanya (Principal, Amrita Vidyalayam Delhi).

Sh. Himanshu Gupta led the students and the faculty of Amritavidyalayam in taking a pledge for Gender Equality. This was followed by the formation of a human C20 logo that was flagged off by Sh. Himanshu Gupta, Bri Chinmayamrita and Br. Mokshamrita.

"The C20 efforts undertaken by Amma's organization and AYUDH India are very beneficial for the students and source of inspiration for the entire country", said Sh. Himanshu Gupta, Director of Education GNCTD. In his address to the students, Sh. Himanshu Gupta emphasised upon the need of bringing the concept of gender equality into immediate practice. He further emphasized the need for a practical approach towards gender equality and the need to change the stereotype mindset of the society. Dr. Tyagi and Ms. Anju Chawla congratulated the Amrita Vidyalayam school for taking part in gender equality campaigns and being rooted in the Indian culture.

"Amma is the best role model for gender equality and women empowerment. Amma envisions a society where men and women are like two wings of a bird. Men must also come forward and support women in achieving true gender equality in the society. Only then can we hope to see a world where there is no discrimination based on gender", said Br. Mokshamrita (AYUDH India National Coordinator) in his inspiring address to the students. He also highlighted the need for youth to come forward and participate in various initiatives of C20.

"This is the first time I was able to understand the true meaning of gender equality. I always thought that gender equality for girls meant that girls must act like boys. But today I understood that it is not about imitating the boys but rather about finding our own inner strength. I am thankful to AYUDH India, especially Mokshamrita ji, for throwing light on our Indian culture that is rooted in gender equality and has the highest place for Motherhood", said a girl student of 12th class studying at Amrita Vidyalayam.

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