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Inspired by the philanthropic ideals of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Amrita Vidyalayam has taken up ‘Project Amritam’. This initiative aims at moulding ideal and compassionate citizens out of young learners. We have got overwhelming response from students, parents and teachers; and everyone has been happily contributing towards this noble cause.


The school has adopted many impoverished families and they receive grant from us.

Under the canopy of the same project, Amrita’s students are also making beautiful cloth bags using recycled material. This is an effort to reduce the use of plastic bags and heal the wounds in the environment caused by human activities. 

Often, teams comprising of parents, students and teachers visit impoverished families, old age homes, orphanages, schools for the visually impaired and construction sites to donate food items and other essential articles. The students who have already visited these places felt humbled by the experience and have pledged to share their riches with the less-privileged section of the society.  

Singing Bhajans at the temples is a unique feature of this project. Once in a month, in the evening, students visit temples in the vicinity. There they chant the holy shlokas, sing devotional songs and pray for the well being of the whole world.  

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