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Comprehensive education and training produce men and leaders of character and integrity. Today, in the era of eroding ethos, not only in India, but worldwide, there is a cry for going back to basic values. In order to produce enlightened citizens, we have been conducting value education programmes on human resources development, self-development, leadership and personality development etc. for students and teachers alike. These are based on time-tested Indian wisdom. 

The school runs Awakened Citizens programme for the students of grade VI-X. The programme is conducted by the teachers who have undergone meticulous training for the same at the prestigious Rama Krishna Mission, New Delhi. These sessions are conducted once every week with the help of well-structured modules and the SMART CLASS interactive boards.



To make the students aware and convinced of the higher dimensions and goals of education, work and life.
To enable students to harmonize their thoughts with actions and goals.
To help students develop powers of mind, strength and fearlessness, which are required while walking on the critical path leading to the highest perfection and happiness.
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