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"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Mahatma Gandhi

We believe that children are born with stars in their eyes, and they are innately curious. It is important for the educators to tap their elemental potential and stoke the mental inquisitiveness by giving them ample scopes to blossom into confident and sagacious individuals. So, unlock the gates of knowledge and embark on a journey of curiosity by joining us, at Amrita Vidyalayam, for a mind-engaging adventure as we celebrate the pursuit of wisdom in Grey...Matters! - an inter-school quiz competition on Friday 18 August, 2023 to be hosted by Quizmaster Ajay Poonia.

We take great pleasure in inviting your esteemed institution to this special event. The idea behind hosting this mental sport is to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge, establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts and pique their curiosity. The contest will offer a competitive atmosphere in an engaging and entertaining setting where a scholar’s mind will constantly be challenged to think out of the box. Attached herewith are the registration form and details of the competition. Kindly send your entries latest by Wednesday, 16 August, 2023.

We solicit your benign presence in this mega event. Looking forward to an affirmative response from your end.

With warm regards,

Yours Sincerely,


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